Albschnecken – Film von Hans Otto Film GbR

Die Albschnecken von Rita Goller waren am 24.1. in einer Reportage von Hans Otto Film GbR zu sehen in der Serie “Abenteuer Leben täglich” auf Kabel 1.
Diese gelungene Reportage zeigt den Teil der Geschichte, den ich nicht gesehen hatte, als ich im Sommer 2015 Aufnahmen von Rita Goller und ihren Albschnecken machte, nämlich die “Ernte” und Verarbeitung der Schnecken. Rita Goller “erntet” die Schnecken nur im Winter während sie sich unter dem Kalkdeckel in Kältestarre befinden. Das Team von Hans Otto Film bekam im November nur eingedeckelte und gekochte Schnecken zu sehen, während ich in den Sommermonaten nur lebende Schnecken gesehen hatte. Ich freue mich sehr, dass einige meiner Aufnahmen von Rita Gollers Albschnecken in der Reportage für “Abenteuer Leben täglich” zu sehen sind.

Zum Beitrag “Alb-Schnecken” auf Kabel1
Zu Hans Otto Film

Zu Besuch bei den Alb-Schnecken from Hans Otto Film GbR on Vimeo.

(Deutsch) Wilde Biber – Reportage über Kinderbuchautor Jürgen H.Riedel

Vielleicht sollte ich die Reihe der Von-der-Alb-Filme um eine Rubrik “Kultur” ergänzen. Zu der Geschichte über das Papiertheater ist eine Multimedia-Reportage über den Kinderbuchautor Jürgen H. Riedel und seine wilden Biber dazu gekommen.

„Die Familie Biberich wohnt im hohen Norden. Und Norden ist irgendwo immer. Dort wo der Biber sein könnte, da kann die Familie Biberich sein und ihre Abenteuer erleben“, erzählt Jürgen H.Riedel. In den lebendig geschriebenen und farbenfroh illustrierten Kurzgeschichten seiner Kinderbüchern lässt er die Biberkinder Sarah und Simon Abenteuer und Alltagsgeschichten erleben.

Jürgen H. Riedel Kinderbuchautor from Natalie Becker on Vimeo.

Mehr Informationen auf

(Deutsch) Fotos für CD von SaHaRa

Sorry, this entry is only available in German and European Spanish.

(Deutsch) Filme auf der schön&gut Messe

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(Deutsch) Papiertheater “Der standhafte Zinnsoldat”

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(Deutsch) Fotoausstellung

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(Deutsch) Münsinger Originale

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From the Alb – in English is now also available in English. Just switch to English on the top right corner of the page and click on “cc” at the bottom of the vimeo player to get English subtitles for the stories.

From the Alb

For my final project at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover I chose to start a project about the biosphere region of the Suabian Jura (“Schwäbische Alb”) and continue it now after I graduated. It is my goal to learn more about the region where I grew up and where I am living again now. So I want to get to know people, who do something that is relevant for the area, and I ask them to tell me their story.
Hopefully I’ll find the time soon to translate the texts and write subtitles for the films. So far the website and its stories are only in German.

The marble maker

The town guide

The bee keeper

The shepard

Geppetta’s patients

They call themselves “Geppetta”: Andrea Balhorn and Marietta Neft restaure old furniture. With accuracy and a love for details they heal the ailments of their wooden patients.
Together with Andreas Hub and Arne Kluge I filmed this multimedia reportage in Juli 2014 during the Freelens Multimedia Workshop of Uwe H. Martin and Oliver Eberhardt at “Akademie für Publizistik” in Hamburg.

On the road to 100 percent

What is the “Energiewende”, the transition to renewable energy in Germany about? I wanted to find out, so I travelled across Germany by train and bicycle to meet many people, their projects, ideas and stories and to learn about the “Energiewende”. Who are the people, who bring the change forward? What is the current situation? What are the chances, problems and perspectives for the future? The result is a collection of interviews, photos, texts and videos, that you can find on (sorry, it is only in German so far).

Now also in German

Good bye 2013! Hello 2014!

2013 has been a great year. Let’s make 2014 equally as good! Looking through my photos from 2013 is like a review of the highlights of that year. Thanks a lot to all who were part of this wonderful year. Here are links to my favourite reportages of this year:

“Farmer, nurse, mechanic” about the nurse Hanne Windeleff who is the only medical professional on a small Danish island,
“Problem solvers”, a reportage about living condition on the remote island Laeso,
“Carpathian buffaloes” about committed people saving the last remaining Carpathian buffaloes,
“Salasaca” impressions from Salasaca, Ecuador
and the Multimedia reportage “Water for gardens”

Carpathian Buffalo Calendar 2014


The first 10 people who donate more than 35 Euro for the protection of the Carpathian buffaloes (plus shipping cost depending on where you live) receive a nice calender.


Today I returned from Ecuador to Germany. Thanks to all my wonderful friends from Salasaca. A lot of work still lies in front of me to select photos and write the reportage, but here is a preselection

More pictures from the Saldobosch Farm

A photo is made in the very short moment the shutter is open. However the stories a photo can tell are formed when it is combined with other images. Here are more photos from the Saldobosch Farm and a series of animals “Looking at you”.

Arc and Rescue Station Saldobosch

Carpathian buffaloes

Yesterday evening I got back from Transcarpathia (Ukraine), with lots of photos and videos on my harddrive, that are waiting to be edited. Even more full is my mind with the wonderful memories of very special animals, of an incredibly beautiful landscape and of truely amazing committed people, who I already miss very much. You can find a first preview of the pictures here. More pictures and films will follow.

You can find out more about Carpathian buffaloes on

Looking back on a great semester in Denmark

It feels strange to be back home. The semester at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus has been great.
Here is my final project of this semester:
Starting with the work of the general practitioner Gunda Bech Nygaard this reportage tells about life on the island Læsø in northern Denmark. Læsø is Denmark’s smallest municipality with a population of 1839 inhabitants and a distance to the mainland of 90 minutes by ferry. Unlike some other remote areas in Denmark Læsø can still maintain a relatively high level of infrastructure. But demographics make the future uncertain.

And here are links to more projects I did this semester:
Water for gardens
Island Nurse
Lindbjerg Farm

It was a privilege to meet so many great people. Thanks a lot to all my fellow students, teachers and to all the people who I met during my reportages.

Web documentary “Water for gardens”

Water for gardens (English subtitles) from Natalie Becker on Vimeo.

This is a web documentary about allotment gardens in Aarhus and the environmental issues they are currently facing. I produced it together with my fellow student Andrew Schriver during a workshop with Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov ( at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Here is also a version with Danish subtitles, and a version with German subtitles.

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